Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I am finding home....

...in the simple things.

In the sight of orange butternut squash soup. I can't make enough of it. I love its taste but I mostly love how bright orange the flesh of the squash is right before I place it in the pot. What an autumnal sight.

In the sound of Legos jingling in a box or as hands sort through piles on the floor. We've just returned home from a three month journey so my children and I are spending our days sorting and re-discovering what we can make with all these Lego pieces. New worlds await us.

In the touch of hot bath water on my skin. Colds winds are beginning to arrive here in Scotland. My toes and fingers are chilled most of the day now. Water bottles and hot baths (barely) keep me from continuously chattering teeth and bones.

In the words of a dear friend who writes about non-attachment parenting. Although she wrote this in July, I am still coming back to her thoughts about what this sort of parenting might look like. A beautiful reflection.

My spirit finds home in the tree pose. Trees either bend with the wind or break in the storm. I am learning to stand like a tree, swaying a bit in the storm, moving to the wind. I don't want to break anymore.

Hoping you find home just where you are.

Peace, Nicki


  1. Welcome home, Nicki and Teddy and Bea and Henry! I hope Tony had cleaned the house for you . . .

  2. Nicki, gentle reflections. I, too love tree pose, and do not want to break. Still I fall, but am grateful for the wisdom in wounds as I try to stand up again.

  3. Nicki I'm so glad you are home...and home here on your blog again too. I've not been a very good friend checking in on people lately and totally missed that you are back! Hooray!!!! I've been preoccupied with my own "inner journeying" I guess...and body adventures. So good to have you back!

  4. I am SO glad that you have found your internet 'home' again.... I have missed you ( and your blog.)
    I have a couple of new blogs:

    looking forward to catching up with you.
    Still reveling in my wonderful visit with you and the family. An amazing, encouraging and enlightening time. PLEASE give big long hugs to all four of those wonderful creatures with whom you share your life... and a lovely hug from me, too!

  5. lovely. and love that you're learning to be as a bending tree.

  6. Welcome home, Nicki. :)

    Nice to see you.


  7. lovely to hear about you and your sharings - Nicky