Sunday, 2 January 2011

Making more room (and a thank you)

I am letting go of this blog. Trying to make more room in my life for writing, yoga, pottery, my creative life, and for deeper connections with friends and family.

I have enjoyed and appreciated connecting with all my blog sisters and brothers. You have been a treasured gift to me. And you have taken part (perhaps without knowing) in a new birth of my soul. In a way, you've been like midwives to me, encouraging my voice, helping me to reach and to live more in wisdom. Thank you.

I will probably be back sometime in the future, perhaps in this space or in a new one, but for now, for this coming year, I will turn toward writing more essays and writing more letters to friends and family.

I wish you the gift of wisdom in the New Year.



  1. Peace to you as well Nicki...may your heart be filled with all the space you need to continue planting and cultivating your inner garden. It has been lovely connecting with you here. You will be missed.

    gentle steps

  2. A new birth of your soul! I love the hope that is held in that phrase! I read this post yesterday night, and today at the market I saw blood oranges! So I bought one, and my son and I enjoyed it in your honor. :-) Happy New Year, dear friend. I miss you, but I know you are over there, pursuing the same peace I am pursuing over here. Blessings.

  3. I will miss you, but know that you will be there in the silent yoga poses, in between words that I write, always trying your best to open like I do.

    Be well Nicki.

  4. I am sad you will be taking a break, but happy that you are moving forward in your journey. I seem to always be a step behind you my sister as I learn from you -I am starting my blog. Are you sure you're not my older sister? Love you.